About me


I have earned a BA from “Le 75”, the Fine Arts School, in Brussels, Belgium. Since I’m working as freelancer, experienced hotel & resort photographer for over 20 years. In parallel, I have spared no effort in visiting international tourism exhibitions in order to keep abreast of current international trends on that area and have been closely following the digital photographic technology developments so that I can benefit by choosing the best equipment it provides. The outcome of all the effort implied in the lines above was the Award I received from the Greek Tourism Awards 2014 (Travel-Hospitality) in recognition of my quality work in projects I have carried out.

I consider Hospitality Photography a factor of utmost importance for the development and success of any company in the area of Travel and Tourism. So, although I understand that your time is precious for your business, I take the liberty to add a few more lines.

Hospitality Photography is the most challenging aspect of my work. It requires attention to detail, timing, lighting, color, angle, atmosphere, elements I concentrate on in order to capture the best you can offer and transform it to an image that can make a potential client crave for it. My responsibility and permanent goal is to make your guests feel your hospitality before they even arrive at your location. To that purpose, no aspect of your business is neglected, be it the premises, the excitement of Life Style, the luxury of the Spa or the comfort and warmth of the rooms to name a few. Each one of them has its own contribution to the achievement of our goal.

I believe that every project is different having its own strengths and weaknesses and therefore it deserves its own well-thought approach. An approach that should be based not only on a relationship of close cooperation and trust between the photographer and the client but also on the contribution of the photographer’s associates whose specialized knowledge can only add to the success of the project. To that purpose, I have teamed up with talented and experienced professionals from the areas of Interior Architecture & Styling and Graphic Design.

For a true location hotel photographer, no distance is too far. No job is too large or too small and all receive the same meticulous attention to detail.

I am available to travel to your location for any kind of assignment, and provide to you my high quality professional hotel captures.